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New chance special offer

Is the special offer for the cruise really over? Spoiler: NO!

Is the special offer for the cruise really over? Spoiler: NO!  APL is happy to announce that we are extending the cruise special offer for 7 days more so each and every one of you get a chance of joining us at your dream travel. This is absolutely real! Just have a look at our Associates from the US who managed to take advantage of the cruise special offer within a couple of days right after the RISE forum in the USA! And you, the one reading these lines, have the chance to make your dreams come true! APL cruise can help you change your life, broaden your horizons and give you great emotions for months and months ahead!

What is there during the cruise?

  • Mind-blowing voyage!
  • Days filled with new experiences and inspiration!
  • Meeting the company management team and recognition on stage!
  • Communication with soul mates non-stop!
  • Exclusive events for APL Associates only.

This event is worthwhile all hard work. You have 7 more days to take advantage of this opportunity.

Within April 1-7th, 2021, you will also enjoy 30 points for enrolling a $3,000 DIAMOND to fulfill STEP TWO in the 10th anniversary cruise special offer.

This special offer is valid for all countries except the USA, Canada, the SAR, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico, Nigeria or Ghana.

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